“We’re the home. Every time we come back home, it’s like finding ourselves again, our true wellbeing, and our deepest nature, in harmony with the environment surrounding us.”

Quality, wellbeing, ecology: This is our guiding philosophy, in all the phases of our work, so we can always give you the best experiences of wellbeing at home. Like SPAZIOBED, which combines good-quality sleep with functional, contemporary spatial solutions.

Wood is our material.

We choose only select raw materials – types of wood that come from European forests that belong to reforestation programs – and we work them with experience and artisanal care, mindful of even the smallest detail.

The lamellar wood we use is nothing more than solid wood assembled with nontoxic polyvinyl acetate glues that comply with European regulations and standards: a totally natural product, and one of the most resistant materials used in furniture making.

We furnish naturally

Natural wood is a living, warm, cozy material which offers endless customization possibilities in shape, size, and color.

We work it using finishing products such as natural finishes and oil- or water-based tints: sustainable for the environment and safe for the health. Because furnishing naturally is like a therapy: we take care of our home, to take care of ourselves.


We customize everything based on the needs of contemporary living, enhancing your space in the best way possible.