Sustainability path

“In nature nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.” By following this law, every step we take is a step toward sustainability.

We only use materials that last for years, to give you a quality product that withstands the test of time. But if you feel the need to change, we will take back and appraise your old, used SPAZIOBED and give you a discount on the purchase of a new one. Because wood is a precious material, and we reuse it over and over again. This way, by keeping the raw materials in circulation and saving natural resources, we minimize our impact on the environment.

What do we mean by “environmental sustainability” when we speak of wood?

We are referring to the lifetime of use of the bed produced, in relation to the time a tree takes to grow and become an adult. The longer our SPAZIOBED lasts and the faster the tree providing the wood grows, the more sustainable our decisions will be.

We choose the colors of sustainability.

We use only environmentally sustainable natural finishes and non-toxic oil- and water-based tints and varnishes. This is how we color our solid lamellar beechwood, and our woodworking processes – like interlocking assembly and artisanal craftsmanship – are also of low environmental impact so as to increase the possibilities for the product to be recycled later.

We take back your old used bed.

We already guarantee an exceptional lifetime of the product, and in addition we extend the life of the raw material with which it is made. In fact, when you feel the need to change, we take back your used SPAZIOBED; we reuse the wood and award you a discount for the purchase of a new bed. This way, we save natural resources, cut down fewer trees, and reduce our environmental footprint.