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SpazioBed’s space-saving bedrooms are a smart option for parents who want to optimize space in their child’s rooms without sacrificing style and functionality. With innovative and creative solutions, SpazioBed creates welcoming and practical environments that grow together with the kids. Investing in a quality space-saving bedroom is an effective and long-lasting way to maximize the use of space in the house, while ensuring a comfortable and functional environment for young people growing up in a context rich in stimuli and constantly evolving.

Thanks to SpazioBed you will have a solution designed on the basis of needs, and thanks to a careful choice of furniture and ergonomic space-saving solutions, it will be possible to transform even the smallest rooms in cozy and multifunctional spaces that inspire creativity and well-being, and that accompany young people in their growth, leaving room for what they really care to do to young people growing up.

Discover our SpazioBed space-saving solutions


SPAZIOBED in this variant with high bed and removable trolleys is the revolutionary solution to all your space problems.


SPAZIOBED in this model young with 2 or 3 beds becomes the most suitable space-saving solution for the needs of a large family.

letti a castello SpazioBed. Soluzione salvaspazio per camere e camerette


SPAZIOBED thanks to this option allows you to take advantage of a small room with a convenient and useful space-saving solution.


SPAZIOBED in this variant can be equipped with sliding doors, trolleys and drawers. The structures are in solid wood, natural and white.


SPAZIOBED thanks to this idea manages to create a new environment, a whole new room in the house completely customizable.


SPAZIOBED in this model can accommodate in the same small space also a second bed, along with a desk and two drawers, all easily removable.

spaziobed soluzione studio


SPAZIOBED in this model comes out of the confines of the bedroom and enhances even the smallest living room creating a real raised living.

SpazioBed: a responsible and convenient choice

Spaziobed accompanies the growth

Kids grow, their needs change. Our rooms are manufactured entirely by us, and this guarantees that if necessary you can make changes or replacements, directly addressing us. We work without intermediaries, and this guarantees us a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

Our rooms are made to last

Our solutions are made of real solid wood, and handcrafted. They are solid and bully-proof by the kids. In any case, we will also be at your disposal for any parts to be replaced 

Our creativity is at your service

All SpazioBed solutions are extensively configurable and customizable, custom designed by our architects. They are available in different materials, colors, finishes and accessories. Because a bedroom should meet your taste and make you happy with the choice every time you enter.